Release Year 1991 | R | 189
Drama, Thriller


Jim Garrison, a New Orleans’s District Attorney, just can’t believe the Warren Commission official conclusion on the death of President Kennedy is accurate. Determined to prove them wrong, Garrison stakes everything to find the truth. He encounters a high-level Pentagon official who confirms to him that there was a conspiracy, but Garrison’s over-the-top antics interfere with his credibility, leaving him open for ridicule. However, as more and more proof comes to light of a possible conspiracy and cover-up, the more people take note. Garrison never quite achieves his goal of learning the truth, but his investigation gives the world many things to ponder.

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Tommy Lee Jones Clay Shaw/Clay Bertrand
Kevin Costner Jim Garrison
Kevin Bacon Willie O'Keefe
Gary Oldman Lee Harvey Oswald


Executive Producer Arnon Milchan
Producer Oliver Stone
Co-Producer Clayton Townsend
Cinematography Robert Richardson
Producer A. Kitman Ho
Associative Producer Joseph Reidy
Music John Williams
Editor Joe Hutshing
Editor Pietro Scalia


Oscar® Wins


Film Editing

Golden Globe® Wins

Best Director - Motion Picture
Oliver Stone


Best Editing

Best Sound