Life Or Something Like It
Release Year 2002 | PG-13 | 103


Lanie Kerrigan, a beautiful reporter at a Seattle television station, thinks her life is perfect. Perfect job. Perfect apartment. Perfect wardrobe. Perfect boyfriend. But Lanie’s “perfect” world is turned on its head after a homeless street seer tells her that she will die in seven days. When the savant’s other predictions come true, Lanie begins to re-examine her life and priorities, all in a whirlwind one-week period. As if things weren’t crazy enough for Lanie, romantic spark fly as she reluctantly teams with a cameraman with whom she has long been at odds.

What’s the most important thing in life? Is it love or is it your career? Is it work or is it your family? Lanie Kerrigan must ponder these questions and decide whether she is living life…or something like it.

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Angelina Jolie Lanie Kerrigan
Edward Burns Pete
Tony Shalhoub Prophet Jack


Director Stephen Herek